Bryan Maynard // Co-Owner

Bryans first job was rouging potatoes on the farm when he was just 12 years old. He fell in love with farming and the country life at a young age. After graduating high school he then obtained a diploma in business administration and returned to work on the farm. Bryan spent the next 10 years working under his grandfather and gaining valuable experience in the potato industry. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase part of their grandfathers farm, Bryan quickly contacted his brother and started planning the birth of Farmboys Inc.

Kyle Maynard // Co-Owner

Kyle always loved to be around the farm when he was growing up. When he graduated from College he went back to the farm to work until his early 20’s when he was encouraged to attempt to obtain his Red Seal certificate in Precision Machining. Kyle completed his Red Seal certification while employed at a local aerospace company. Shortly after that he was successful in obtaining a position as a Customer Service Manager with the same company. After 10 years with the company Kyle decided to return to the family farm in order to start Farmboys Inc.